First Highlighted Education Blog

Art Teachers Hate Glitter
Dear Crayola®:

Already I’m hooked by the title. Using humor to engage other art educators, the creator means this blog to be a space for her overall frustrations and observations on what it is to be an art educator in this day and age. There are no lesson plans or such for teachers, but I do think its good to have a safe space, even in the digital realm. Overall, I do think humor is a good tool to engage others because it breaks down defenses, which then enables people to relax. It’s a WordPress site too, so it acts as a good example of what we can do with our own blogs. All in all, this site is great because it’s not your run-of-the-mill education blog.

One thought on “First Highlighted Education Blog

  1. Hey Jorge,
    I also enjoy Art Teachers Hate Glitter. I love how educational it can be yet humorous. It keeps people who follow the blog entertained yet educated. I believe this blog can be a great source for art teachers to stay updated on common problems that we all go through and to have a place to come up with solutions without being overly professional about it.


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