I’m Jorge Arroyo. I’m first and foremost an artist still trying to find his voice. I have many causes that interest me, so it’s been hard to find one thing to stick to, but some themes are starting to emerge. Recently┬áI’ve come to care about mental illness and how people live in our information-inundated age. So perhaps I’d like to explore these subjects further, using my art to spark discussion.

A little about my personal life. I was born in Mexico, but grew up mainly in the deserts of Nevada, first Fallon, then Winnemucca. After High School, I joined the Air Force in 2002 where I stayed for 11 years. That experience enabled me to travel to places like Texas, South Korea, England, even Afghanistan. It really helped me learn more about the world and where I’d like my place in it to be. I separated from the Air Force in 2014 and moved to Denver.

I used to have an immense passion for video games, and still do to some extent, so I started going to school online for Game Art with Westwood College, which is what brought me out to Denver after the military. Unfortunately, their program changed to online only and I had to change gears. I found RMCAD and signed up for their Game Art program. However, after a few core classes, I came to realize I didn’t want another job sitting in front of a computer all day. After much soul searching and help from my family and friends, I came to realize that I’d always wanted to be a teacher. I changed majors and am now very excited to learn more about education in general and where I can contribute to future generations.

Other random facts:

I have a beautiful baby girl named Zelda Grace.
I love movies and collect them.
Godzilla is my favorite fictional character.