Lesson Plans

Below is a rough Lesson Plan for teaching students the principles behind the burning-in and dodging tools in Photoshop. It probably needs fleshing out so I’ll definitely be refining this.

First Lesson Plan:

  1. Title of Lesson: Principles of Burning-In and Dodging in Photoshop
  2. Culture and Context: 8th Grade, 1.5 hour class, Multimedia Computer Lab.
  3. Desired Result: Enhancing/fixing photos.
  4. Evidence of Desired Result: Successfully complete quiz where students recognize from various situations when to use either burning-in or dodging.
  5. Objectives: Students will identify various photographic issues and learn when to apply and use the two types of tools covered in the lesson. Student will then recognize which tool needs to be used when and demonstrate their understanding by completing a quiz that provides various images and which tools they’d use. This is meant to be a foundation lesson which focuses on certain principles of photography which will enhance student’s understanding of Photoshop software. Actual practice with the burning and dodging tools will occur on a later project.
  6. Colorado Visual Arts Standards covered in the lesson: Eight Grade Level Expectations
1. Observe and Learn to Comprehend 1. Conceptual art theories explain how works of art are created
2. The history of art, world cultures, and artistic styles influence contemporary art concerns
3. Art criticism strategies are used to analyze, interpret, and make informed judgments about works of art
2.   Envision and Critique to Reflect 1. Visual literacy skills help to establish personal meaning and artistic intent in works of art
2. Key concepts, issues, and themes in the visual arts can solve problems using real-world applications
3. Invent and Discover to Create 1. Achieve artistic purpose to communicate intent
2. Demonstrate technical proficiency and craftsmanship when planning
3. Utilize current and available technology to refine an idea, and create original and imaginative works of art
4. Relate and Connect to Transfer 1. Visual arts are valuable for a variety of art and non-art related lifelong endeavors
2. Cultural traditions and events impact visual arts within a community
3. Visual arts provide an opportunity to explore sustainable environments, design and architecture
  1. Materials list:
    1. Photoshop CC-enabled computer system
    2. Pencil or pen for quiz
  2. Art Vocabulary
    Dodging – Photo-enhancement method that allows one to avoid a specific area within an image when increasing or decreasing picture quality.
    Burning-In – Photo-enhancement method that allows one to increase the information displayed within a certain part of an image.
    Photoshop CC – A digital image enhancement tool made by Adobe. Comes equipped with numerous image enhancing tools.
  3. Accomodations and Modifications:
    Students can be given one-on-one instruction on how to use the identified tools and figure out what concepts and principles need to be clarified. From there, further instruction can occur.
  4. Step-by-Step Instructional Set:
    First step (30 min): Students will be given an overview of the uses of burning-in and dodging. Students will also listen to a brief history concerning the names of the tools/methods.
    Second step (30 min): Students will view approximately 10 example images that contain problems that can be fixed with either tool. Teacher will demonstrate and explain the issues present within each image and how one could go about fixing each image.
    Third step (15 min): Students will be given a short quiz containing approximately ten images. Students will be asked to identify the issue present and which tool to use in the image to fix it.
    Fourth step (10 min): Teacher will review the correct answers and answer any outstanding questions students may have.
    Fifth step (5 min): Students will be allowed to log off computers and pack up for the rest of the period.
  5. Visual Example to be provided at a later time.

Principles of Burning and Dodging Presentation
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